Sisters – The Collins

We shared a gorgeous afternoon just before Christmas with the Collins sisters, Lauren, Melanie & Rachel – they wanted to capture a few portraits together for their parents for Christmas as they hadn’t had a photo together in many years! So we met at Morningstar Mill, Decew Falls in St.Catharines and did just that! The girls had a ton of fun together and stuck out the chilly December weather to create images their parents can cherish forever! The girls ended up giving their parents the photos right before Christmas and this was the message I received from Lauren ” Rachel goes back home tomorrow so we opened our gifts tonight… we got tears from both parents!! Haven’t seen my dad like that in years. He said ” all I’ve wanted for years is a nice picture of my girls”. Thanks Megan!! ” – Lauren Collins

Thank you so much girls your smiles & genuine love for each other was beautiful to capture!