the human body

…a quote my father shared with me when I was young that has stuck with me thus far… “the human body is a piece of art – why hang pictures on it?” Now my dad has always used that quote when referring to getting tattoos… I personally don’t have anything against tattoos nor do I have any but what stuck with me the most from his quote was; we are all unique and we are all beautiful. I learned to love different shapes, sizes scars, etc. and this is what this creative was based on.

I used a simple one-light set up along with deciding to make the images black and white to really make the images look raw and almost abstract. This was a project I completed while attending Niagara College in Welland, ON and obtaining my Digital Photography Diploma alongside many wonderful classmates and some fantastic instructors who I still thank today =) A big THANK YOU to the wonderful humans that allowed me to capture their bodies for this project!

We are beautiful, raw and different.. LOVE yourself for everything you are and embrace YOU!